AlphaOmega down. Read why.

Well, as you can see, AO torrent site has been replaced with a big ol' Blog/Forum. This isn't because AO is dead, and it's not because we're editing AO to 2.0. We have simply come to a time in everyone's lives when we realize that AO isn't what we want it to be. So, we're taking it down, and doing a full revamp. We are undecided what we'll be doing with her name or if we'll just completely restart from scratch.
AO was once a proud 0-sec tracker, it had great pre times, amazing community and loads of activity. But as time went on, some of the staff here were getting out of hand. We started out with a base of good staff, but once we reached 12,000 users some of the staff let it go to their heads.
So, they smack talked AO to other sites and just lost their minds. They have since been removed from the ranks never to be seen again, but it did an incredible amount of damage.
Soon after that we had been recovering quite nicely, everything was smooth and new designs were coming alive, with great addons in the works, then Rapidspeeds.com decided to die. Our main sponsor for all our auto's just dropped one day.
This unfortunate incident completely caught AO by surprise and we lost over 12 TB of servers in about 1 month. That was the nail in the coffin for us. Soon as we lost them without a chance of getting new servers else where in time, we were dead in the water.
That's what happened to AO, and that's why right now, we're taking a step back, taking a breather and starting again when we all have the time and money to make sure this never happens again. It's learning from your mistakes, and growing. Hopefully you will all remember what we WERE and not what we turned out like near the end.
AlphaOmega will be back, once we get our servers and sources all lined up, trim the fat on the db and make sure all the code is 100% (might even recode it all from scratch with no Gazelle or Ocelot, our own source). This is what we plan on achieving, and this blog/forum is where you'll find out what we're doing and when we will reopen.
Thanks for the time you've spent with us, and we'll be back, hoping you will be too!


  1. they lost all there shit and the site wasn't what it was anymore, thats what happened. they don't need to do any of the shit they said, they just need to get boxes and access with good pre set back up and they would be on there merry way. Good luck Isay with what ever they plan on doing, but there is no point. Just get back what you lost and pick back up when you left off.

  2. the sysop was a moron. he wanted everything handed to him for free including the servers and axx.