What.cd - Invites Changes and Freeleech Extension

Today, What.CD staff are implementing some small changes to the invitation script with the hope of making it simpler and easier for everyone. The first is that from now on, both Power Users and Elites will receive an invite on the 22nd of each month as well as the 8th. Second, the number of maximum regular invites one can have at any given time has been lowered to two for all Users, Members and Power Users, and four for Elites. This limit excludes the two invites given to first time donors, as well as invites given out during other special events.

These changes make it significantly easier to answer the question of who gets how many invites how often. In addition, Power Users and Elites with particularly good invite trees still have the opportunity to receive more than two invites per month. In total, Power Users who frequently use their invites can receive up to four regular invites every month, while Elites can receive up to eight. We have completely rewritten the Invites Wiki to be much clearer, so be sure to go check it out for full details! As a bonus, the staff have run the invitation script today, so hopefully a lot of users are topped up for invites. We hope these changes encourage users to share their invites more confidently.

In addition, we'd like to announce that the music freeleech has been extended by 24 hours! It will now end at approximately 8PM GMT, on Saturday the 14th of January (the time in GMT can be found at the bottom of every page). This is a great opportunity to invite some friends to the site!

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