CN is back online again

Yes, CN has made a return.

Yes, most of the old staff along with new are there. Yes, it is starting out much like CN did in its early days. Here is the bottom line. Certain members of staff take privacy more seriously than others. There is no reasoning behind faulting them for that. There are those of us, like I, that are fairly easy to find and have a pretty open conversation with anyone that wants it. I can't over-rule or take peoples considerations out of the equation and have to respect their needs/wants.

The intention of the site is to grow fairly slowly. For financial or any number of other reasons a lot of sites don't have this option. Don't think wrongly cause we have this option and choose to take it. Please, don't put the leet label on this. We have given members invites at varying times. I have invited close to 30 myself. Many are members here and I am sure I will end up inviting more...The site is not designed to be inaccessible. Open to friends and their friends, etc. About the only thing we ask is that you not share info about the site publicly, without first speaking to staff about it. There is no rule about speaking privately...We are not fanatical or some shit. I know that only makes people want to do it all the more...I am a realist. The rule is there, to not cause drama or give a false sense of importance but because a few people wish it and their reasons don't have a good argument from me.

With that said, I still expect flaming and that is okay...Cause I'm still a realist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as well. But this is from me to you on the subject with what I am right in the middle of. Make of it what you will.


  1. Anyone know the signup url?

  2. There is no signup url. Find someone who is a member who can submit an app on your behalf.

  3. they will open any app???

  4. yes an application system is open. Recently they handed out invites to all members. Invite was handed out for 24 hours only.

    Good luck

  5. Open signups will ever happen on this site.
    Only way to get in is if you know someone or you're part of the elite classes on some sites. I'm not talking about Power User either.

  6. Does anyone have the invite application link ?

    I was a member of the old site but dont have my details anymore :(