TrackeReactor Will be Closing the End of September

Well guys, it's been a great long 4 years. I've met a lot of special people here and even met a few of you in real life. Some of you I consider very good friends and have become people I really care about and love. This site has meant a lot to me and has gotten me through a lot over the past few years. I opened it in the beginning of college as an incoming freshman and it gave me something to do with my free time. I went through a lot those years of my life. Between moving out to a new school, living on my own, taking new classes and my parents going through a divorce it was a tough time for me. TR became a place not just about BitTorrent and obtaining invites to private trackers, but a place for me hang out, meet a different variety of people all over the world, and discuss a wide variety of topics without feeling like people were judging me. I really did not expect the site to get as big as it did or even for it to be around this long. BitTorrent just is not the same anymore and I have lost interest in it, but that does not mean I will forget you guys or my friends. We all experienced a lot over the years and TR will always be in my heart and I hope you won’t forget about it either. We were one of the first BiTtorrent invite sites out there and we took over a lot of our competition taking over TorrentInvites.com and Tracker-Invites.US. We will always be remembered as the site that set politics aside and all that other bullshit and focused on friends and community. After all it was the power of community that made us get this far and kept us together. We could not have gotten as far as we did without our strong community and the driven staff members who used their free time to keep our site strong and safe. If you’d like to pay a tribute to TR please do so in the post. Let us know how TR changed your life, why you loved the site and the history. May TR rest in peace and be remembered by all those it impacted August 2007 – September 2011. Thanks guys for the support. A history page will be made up for the site and I will keep IRC around for any of the people that want to chat and bullshit. Love you guys and any well written tributes will be put on the history page in remembrance of TR.


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