IMAGiNE busted, UTN down, no new releases

IMAGiNE – one of the P2P scene’s most prominent release groups – have been busted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Yestarday info from DiGiTALiNK:

9 people were arrested including IMAGiNE members Spunky, HoD, Jason, Tank, TheStash and Spangy, all of them within the United States.

Today update:
Computers were seized from 4 households not 9 by ICE agents.
UTN still down, nobody know what's happend, still no official confirmation.



  1. shit tracker im glad it is down... 2 seeders per torrent?? almost no leechers??!! IPT and TDay are better in content and pretimes...
    also SCC, TL, PTN, PT rock

  2. Thank God it's dead