This group and it's members are no longer allowed on this site for any reason. If you are found to have invited any of them back to this site, you will be banned from here as well as other trackers that we are friends with. It has came to our attention that DiGiTALiNK has possibly turned in one if not more of his members to the feds(Including PRiSM as we are told from him). This is not the first that time that this has been said about this person, and this time it comes straight from his own members/suppliers!
We are breaking ALL ties with this group and it's current members and suggest you do the same, so please take care that you do not get caught up with this person/group as we fear for your safety. Three people in total now have came forward and told us what happened to them after working with DiGiTALiNK. That is 3 to many...

If any of you VIP members did in fact log onto his FTP account that he had setup, please refrain from using it any longer as we feel it is being watched.
Again this is a reminder... Break ALL ties you have with DiGiTALiNK because he is to unsafe for all of us. There will be no discussions about this in the shout or the forums allowed, so do not attempt it or you will get a warning. We do this for EVERYONE'S safety no matter who the person is...

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