DiGiTALiNK and EP1C group Response

IMAGiNE is hosting UtN on a Candadian server (xx.xx.xxx.xxx) ‘Carat Networks’ because they have no regard for anyones safety. This is only about making a tracker to funnel as much money as possible through its users and turn and spit on you if your against there interests. They can’t take that EP1C has been running shit and it hurts them within, so they make up lies and spread rumors to have that control. UtN will be taking down DDoSed style and everything will come crumbling down. They crossed paths with the wrong person, they
lie, cheat, steal and have a fake identity to make people think they care about there
safety, but in fact many of there source providers have been busted because they have
no regard for your safety, only want the fame of that release. Within the next few
releases I will be providing proof of all this to the public and including all there
personal identification information.. haha if I was a snitch they would have already
been busted. IMAGiNE, are fucking cunts.

Ever wondered where IMAGiNE setups shop? There from the usa… Not all of them
but I will let you know where ol’ kid Stash lives:

**removed that part ,but feel he will post it anyway**

Every release will have this and much more of every IMAGiNE member. Get ready for a War.


  1. Truth is always somewhere in the middle...

  2. sad that people fiight like this. it's not just them its all the people on the tracker that gets put on risk. it makes the anti piracy groups work a lot easier. thanks for nothing retards.

  3. why dont you tell us about onetwo as he did work with you and get busted

  4. iNK your a putz. so your going to make a name for yourself by trying to rat on people? GET A LIFE

  5. @douchenozzle above me: If you knew half the story behind this and how it started then you would also have reacted the same way instead of letting someone piss in your face. Im not defeding either group or taking sides.

    I myself am from a P2P relase group, have been for years. Was with ViSiON and now am with a different well known group based in a large tracker. We see shit like this all the time, thats why most groups source everything themselves nowadays since people who used to source us are so paranoid about getting busted...not that I blame them.

    Imagine are not what you guys think. You see them as Stash and Stuffies being all super great guys giving you releases. If you only knew they have been profiting from their P2L tracker. I mean wtf is the point? First thing they look at when you get busted is how much you made off of this and whos involved. SceneTorrent being one of the most grandious trackers ever got taken down hardcore for doing essentially the same. Paying Scene racers to up to their site and enticing to donate all the time for gear they never implemented and pocketing massive profits.

    The P2P world hates Scene as much as they hate us, but in the long run groups will come and go, some will be remembered for ever and some we still say "who?" when they're mentioned.

    This is not going to end well at all. But EP1C also did some shady shit...just ask Prism or Unclenofear...oh thats right, Unclenofear was permabanned from scene and doesnt sell anymore. Prism is no longer either...thanks iNK!

  6. Just sounds like a bunch of 14yr olds getting period pains.

  7. invite soon?

  8. LOL with all the fighting and Drama you'd think they were real scene groups LOL.

  9. weird. I knew Unclenofear very well. He told me that SilentNinja which was a cammer got busted and turned on a bunch of people, reason why he retired. How did EP1C ever get blamed for this? DiGiTALiNK is not SilentNinja. I smell lies.

  10. So where r u now iNK? sounding off trying to look all big, not 1 rls from you, the best way to of hit back would have been to beat them at there own game, by getting your rls out there fast, but lets be honest, you didnt rls stuff as soon as you had it did you? no, as its you that was selling anything you could to anyone who would buy it.
    As for the drama about ratting on ppl, well who knows.

  11. "weird. I knew Unclenofear very well. He told me that SilentNinja which was a cammer got busted and turned on a bunch of people, reason why he retired. How did EP1C ever get blamed for this? DiGiTALiNK is not SilentNinja. I smell lies."

    what a load of crap. and i know this becuase i am SN.

    "prism" was under investigation well before i was arrested acc ording to what ive been told, and i know what i said had no balance to havign anybody being nicked, reason being is becuase on that day i mistakenly mentioned imagien and prism as group names and avoided giving any other details hence why i know it wasnt me, hell i didnt even know prism got busted untill i was told and also from what i was told prism knew who did it and it sure as hell wasnt me.

    and the following day from the arrest i warned both prism and imagien so they could get safe and do what was needed becuase of the fact of the stuff on my systems. prism thanked me for warning him, and of course imagine told me i was a tosser etc which wasnt a susprise and was expected, prism then went quite with the releasing but imagien kept going.

    so rumours of me grassing on anybody getting them busted are just that RUMOURS and utter bullshit.

    be interesting to know who the person that just posted that comment though as it makes me wonder if they do infact know prism at all.

  12. i knew unclenofear really well years back when i was younger, we used to talk everyday, he literally taught me everything i knew. I'm even in his 2010 release "Greetz" section. I'm RaBiD. i used to always wonder what happened to him. did he get busted?