TL - Messaging System Updates

We did several changes to the Messaging System listed below:

* Changed the templates and structure a little bit, making it easier to see from whom the message is coming from and to see the recipient of a message in the Sent Messages List.

* "Forward" Functionality in Message Center. You can now forward a specific reply in the conversation to another user, or add a new user in the conversation (found in the reply menu), while you can also remove yourself from the conversation, if there are more than 2 persons in it.

* Delete button inside the Conversation

* Added 'Empty Inbox' button + multiple message delete (click to choose like bookmarks)

*Corrected issue where deleted messages of a conversation reappeared after a reply.

Since we did a few changes to the stylesheets and javascript you are required to clear your browser cache in order to get the latest files from our servers.

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