se[x] - Awaited Site Bonus!

Attention SceneXpress members,

For Halloween we had a top 100 horror movie challenge, We offered a something special for the whole site as the prize for completing this challenge. Let me say, you guys did not disappoint us lol. Some time has passed but, we have not forgotten about this(nor have some of you). So, This is to announce that the prize for that challenge is 15GB upload +2 invites which has been added to members prior to the open signups.

New members, do not think we forgot about you guys. We have given each of you 1 invite each as a welcome present.

Thank you everyone for making the Halloween torrent Challenge and open signups a success!

PS: If you're planning to invite someone do it fast. These invites may be removed at anytime.

Much love from,
SeX Crew

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