Deli.sh – Tracker Closing

The past four months have been a pleasure for the rest and the staff and I. It was great to meet so many people whom shared our love for food and cooking. However, we regret to inform you that deli.sh will close at the end of the year. We all knew this would eventually happen, but didn’t expect it to be so soon.
You may be asking yourselves why we are closing so soon. Well there are a number of reasons. While the site grew rapidly when we first launched, we feel as though we have not made much progress recently and are stuck at somewhat of a standstill. Another issue, as sad as it may seem, is money. Donations have been slow to the point that we have only had one donation in close to the past three months. We can’t afford to run the site out of our personal pockets anymore, and we would rather close than ask you for donations when we haven’t made the progress we have wanted in the site.
The staff and I have decided to open registration for the month of December, and make everything freeleech. I encourage you to download to your heart’s content and enjoy the holidays. We wish you and your families the best of luck in the future.
- durian
This decision is most likely final, but we may change it as the month progresses, if something comes up.

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