BitManiacs - Sports Betting Corner

You can increese your upload by betting on our bookmaker. The link is http://bitmaniacs.net/betting.php

Please carefully read the information tab before starting to bet
Here you can bet your upload credit.

Our most recent pool is called: Lazio vs Inter Milan.

What do i need to know before i can place my bet:
- You must have at least 1GB and a 0.3 ratio to use this page.
- You can bet up 25 GB per pool.
- You can generally bet more than 90% of your Upload.
- You may NOT cancel a bet.
- Your bet is immediately deducted from your overall upload.
- Bets close when the event begins and when the timer drops to zero.

How do i get paid ?

The operation of the code is simple.
When you win your bet, you win your original bet multiplied by the odds.

Example. You bet 10 GB with a score of 1.5; Your return would be 10 * 1.5 = 15 GB
               A net gain which amounts to 5 GB

Information on setting your limits

Your maximum bet is 90% of your upload:  1.00 GB.
Your bets now total:                                  0.00 kB.
Amount available for a new bet:               1.00 GB.

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