Happy First Birthday BTN!

Let the voting begin for the 2010 Halloween Costume Contest! You can see the costumes here forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=4549&page=1 who do you think has the best costume?

It's BTN's FIRST Birthday!! Let the festivities BEGIN!

For the next 7 days every user that logs in will be offered a present. To receive your present just click the little gift box on the right hand side. The gift box will reset at 12:00AM GMT, allowing you to receive another gift. \o/

On top of that we will have a couple more things in store for our users, so login everyday, and stay tuned for more!

BTN - Review Competition
Since it's BTN's birthday today, and since we all love our TV so much, the staff have decided to have a review competition. The staff here at BTN all know that when a user goes to judge if they want to watch a movie or a tv series they first look for reviews (especially if they know they have not heard of the series before!). So here's the deal.

For the next 7 days (until November 7th at 12:00AM GMT) , BTN will be hosting a review competition. Go to your favorite tv series and write a review for it, submit it, if it gets approved it will be added to your tally.
Here are some examples of good reviews that we hope to see more of:
*** Don't be afraid to give negative reviews! ***
- reviews.php?id=3
- reviews.php?id=22
- reviews.php?id=35

Please no "copy and paste" reviews. To prevent massive spams of reviews, users that do not take this competition seriously will be warned and privileges will be taken away.
*** Please do not forget to rate your series you are reviewing! ***

At the end of the birthday week the following prizes will be given out.
First place (most reviews successfully approved) - A 450GB 'Molecule' seedbox for 1 month
Second place (2nd most reviews successfully approved) - a 450GB 'Molecule' seedbox for 1 week)
Third place (3rd most reviews successfully approved) - a 450GB 'Molecule' seedbox for 1 week)

IRC Competitions
Don't forget we also have two IRC competitions going on. Details here.

If there are any questions please drop by #btn-support!

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