LzTr - 2010 Halloween Freeleech

Costumes, candy, eternal darkness. It's a lovely time to celebrate. Halloween is not only fun for kids, but as an adult I have come to appreciate all the art that has been made in its name - all the music and film that has captured the essence of cinema and changed the course of narrative history. Lugosi as Dracula to the modern Toxic Avenger, no other genre can bring us laughs and screams.

Therefore, I would like to officially kick off the 2010 Halloween Freeleech, which will run through the weekend. Three collages will be entirely FL and are listed below:

Classic Horror Films (pre-1980s)
Slasher & Supernatural Horror Films (1980-1999)
Modern Horror Films (2000+)

Oh, and yes.... the Halloween film of the year will be coming to a LzTr theater near you within 24 hours! Have a good holiday weekend, everyone.

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