iTS Invite Application Open

iTS opens to external users via invite applications.
iTS is a ratioless tracker that tracks a lot of unique content such as AFR movie rips, lossless FLAC rips, classic collections and other general content.

We are a no ratio site and have a karma bonus system, so it's a friendly environment for non-seedbox users and also users with slow connections. We favor long seeding periods over brief seedbox usage. We are only looking for active people who will actually use the site and who are specifically interested in the kind of content we offer (e.g. quality content over RARed scene crap).
How to apply for an iTS invite
  1. Register on iTS recruitment forum located at http://its-apps.co.cc.
  2. Log in and read the invite applications guidelines.
  3. Create a new topic in the Applications forum, with the title ‘iTS Application’. Make sure to include answers to all questions, as mentioned in the app guidelines page.
  4. Wait for staff approval – if you are selected, an invite will be sent to the E-mail address you specified.

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