Happy Fourth Birthday SceneAccess!

The day is finally here, 10.10.10, the Fourth Birthday of the site we have all come to love, www. sceneaccess.org

We have been online for four years and still kicking! You, the users, have made us to the site we are today. All thanks to you, we are here to day and launching v2 of SceneAccess. We have planned the new site design for over 2.5 years now and finally today, we all get to use it. It is still a bit rough on the edges, but just like any diamond you have to shape and polish it to reveal its true beauty. Thank you for being here with us for so long, we owe it all to you.


So to celebrate this amazing day, the second version of SceneAccess is now released to everyone, with a new design, recoded core, which basically means a quicker site for everyone and as we move through the next few days many more features will appear and some old ones will re-appear. We have also restructured the forums, the xxx forum is back, xxx torrents are now available for every user! Not to forget all the packs that will be coming throughout the weeks!

We are also hosting a number of competitions where you will be able to win unbelievable prizes for very little effort! Not to mention we will be doing double credits on our donation page until the end of the month.

So to sum everything up:

# New site design
# Quicker site (yay)
# XXX forums and XXX torrents
# Tons of opportunities to win insane prizes
# Crazy Packs in our Archive
# Double Credits on all Donations made from now on and until the end of the month

Happy Birthday, we hope everyone will enjoy the new site!

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