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Requests are, in our humble opinions, one of the greatest parts of What.CD. They allow us to continue to improve our already mammoth library of music and give people the opportunity to get the albums they most want that we don't have. So we decided that we wanted more people to use them, and that we wanted more requests!

That's why, for the entire month of August, we've changed the way we tax requests, and who we allow to create them. Now we will only be taxing requests at 25% (only until the end of the month!). This means that if you put 100MB on a request, 75MB will become bounty (as opposed to 50MB, as is the current system). Adding bounty to a request follows the same principle. Furthermore, all users are now allowed to create requests through the end of the month!

If you haven't used the request system before, then please read this too.

Now is a great time to go and spend all of that well-earned buffer on improving our library!

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