RevTT - Summer Contests

RevolutionTT Summer Contests

Its that time of year again where we like to give out some free upload credits, and run some contests!!!

The Contests will run from Monday 2nd to Monday 16th August 2010, Winners will be awarded their prizes and announced on Saturday 21st August 2010.

Prizes for all Contests will be in the form of upload credit of:

1st - 60 GB 2nd - 30 GB 3rd - 10 GB

• Sandcastle Contest - Been to the beach? Played in the sand? For all you sand lovers this is where you belong. For the next few weeks we are going to give you a chance to show off you creativity. Show us those awesome sandcastles or what ever you may have designed in the sand. We want to see them!!

• Best Cookout Contest - What's better than summer grilling? (Other than summer drinking!) Here's your chance to show us that great cookout or cookouts. So get out those tongs, soak your meat, invite your friends and show us what a great unforgettable cookout is all about!

• Best Camping Setup Contest - It's Summertime and what goes better than grabbing your friends or family and hitting the woods with a tent or even taking your camper out to the lake. We want to see that camping setup, or even dad sitting at the campfire with a guitar or a beer. Show us what camping is all about!

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