PTM - Things you might not have known

    Over the next few days we will be revisiting parts of the FAQ to help you get the most out of this site in "Things you might not have known".
    Part 1 - Different ways to get credits at Pre-To-Me
    () inviting people up to 1,500cr per invitee
    () seed bonus up to 1,680cr per week.
    () IRC idle up to 168cr per week
    () request filling limitless possibilities
    () rating torrents limitless possibilities
    () competions limitless possibilities
    Inviting people :
    Don't have any invites? Buy one with your credits!
    Once you have an invite please follow Bliss` guide on sending them.
    Once your invitee has received their email , they can sign up to the site.
    When your invitee is promoted to a higher user class you receive a
    credit reward. The different user class levels are shown

    You receive
    250Credits when your invitee is promoted to mover
    500Credits when an invitee is promoted to trader
    750Credits when an invitee is promoted to pusher .
    a total of 1,500 can be retrieved this way !
    Seed Bonus:
    This bonus rewards users based on the number and length of time their
    torrents have been seeding. It's meant to encourage retention so users
    can download what they want long into the future.

    SeedTime: 0-1 day provides 0.01 cr./hour/torrent
    SeedTime: 1-2 days provides 0.015 cr./hour/torrent
    SeedTime: 2-5 days provides 0.0225 cr./hour/torrent
    SeedTime:5-10 days provides 0.035 cr./hour/torrent
    SeedTime: 10+ days provides 0.05 cr./hour/torrent

    These bonuses are limited to 200 active torrents per user.
    seeding 200 torrents for more than 10 days would give you 1,680cr per week.
    when combined with the speed bonus, globally our users average 10.48cr per torrent per week (2096cr )
    IRC bonus:
    Joining our IRC channel with any IRC client will earn you 1cr per hour while connected. To get help on how to use IRC >>here<<
    Rating torrents:
    Rating torrents you have downloaded ( and completed ) yields a small amount of credit for each torrent you have rated.
    Filling Requests:
    Anyone with Mover status or above can fill any request on site
    breifly put , you will need to get the requested item, put it in a properly named folder as per our naming rules
    With the data in a correctly named folder , you can make the torrent from this folder using any program you wish.
    With your .torrent now made you can head over the to request details page and click 'fill request' uploading your torrent file there.
    With this file now uploaded , you will be shown your torrent details page , and a message will tell you to download this torrent so you can start seeding.
    Now you can seed this new upload and enjoy your bounty !!!

    Everyone should exchange bonus for invite. because invites would up to 1,500cr per invitee from 100cr!!

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