XTC - New Ratio Free Music Tracker

XTC is a ratio-free tracker. This means that you do NOT have to maintain a positive ratio, but you do have to avoid Hit-n-Runs (HNRs).
You MUST seed for 120 hours after completeing the torrent (does not have to be continuous). Otherwise, you will recieve a Hit-n-Run warning.
If you get a Hit-n-Run warning, you have 1 week to seed the torrent back before you will be put on HNR watch. After 1 week of HNR watch and failing to seed back, your account will be disabled. We have a zero-tolerance policy against Hit-n-Runners.


SiteURL: forbidden
Signup: forbidden
Torrents: 202
Members: 321 (max 2000)
Forum: ~500 posts/threads
Non-Movement: NO
Codebase: Gazelle
Seed Bonus: YES

How to join XTC?
Server: irc.omgwtfhax.net
Channel: #XTC-Invite (interview channel) ; #XTC (main channel / public)

You can also find xtc invites on other trackers forums : cinematik , myanonamouse.net , bithq , waffles , what.cd
You will start with:
500MB upload and 5 invites.




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