TheScene - Brand New Tracker

TheScene is a brand new general/0-day tracker powered by TBDEV. TS has only scene torrents but there are also internal group releases. The tracker is Romanian based, but anyone can easily surf the tracker and post in forums. At the moment, TheScene has 2200 users and 23000 torrents and the torrents speeds are very good. You will start with 2GB upload and 5 invites.

SiteURL: http://www.thescn.net
Signup: http://www.thescn.net/signup.php
Torrents: ~2300
Users: ~2200
Forum: ~385 posts
Our Rating: 5/5
Codebase: TBDEV
IRC Server: irc.p2p-network.net
IRC Channel: #TheScene | #TheScN.Support

Currently all of the torrents are on freeleech and you can easily build a great buffer.The preetime is very good. The tracker opened one month ago.




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