TPS Open Signup Through Pirate Academy

How does The Pirate Academy fit in with open signups? Every new user who registers will start out as an Initiate. So, initially, they will have very limited access to the forums. This will allow us to keep new users in a controlled environment. The open signups are, of course, not definite and will be temporary. Our first open signups will close once we reach a certain amount of users so we can test out this system on a much larger scale. Depending on the results, we might open up again and increase the load.
Because the users do not require a screening process, we will be very strict with the Initiates. Every user coming in will be scanned against our failed interviewee's database and banned/disabled users. We will not hesitate to disable a users account if something comes up.

Signup Link: Here

We have two main forums available to anyone who has access to The Pirate Academy. These forums are called "Classrooms" and "Lounge". The Classrooms forum consists of 3 sub-forums called Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3. Each Lessons sub-forum will bring you to a thread that has the lesson material. Here's how it is mapped out:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Pirate Society. This lesson will teach the user how to use a forum and its features and what The Pirate Society is. 
Lesson 2 - IRC Basics. This will teach the user how to user the basics of IRC. Some of it focuses on the popular IRC client mIRC while also keeping it general so the user can use the material with other clients. Lesson 3 - Getting to know the BT Community. The last lesson teaches users about private bittorrent trackers by explaining what private trackers are, how they operate, and what you should do/shouldn't do.

The Lounge forum is a general forum created for new users who need help, have a question to ask, or just want to test out the forums features by creating general threads. We also have a dedicated IRC channel setup named #academy for users who need help and want answers quickly (and possibly give more incentive to learn IRC :)
The Pirate Academy will consist of 3 quizzes. One quiz for each lesson. The user will find the link at the end of each lesson at the last post which will bring them to the appropriate quiz. Once the user is done filling out the quiz and clicks Submit, it will be sent to our Graders Area where TPS staff will look over the submission and give it a grade. In order to graduate from the academy you must pass all 3 quizzes. If the user is already a New Recruit or higher, they will get the TPA Graduate icon. If the user is in the Initiate usergroup they will receive the TPS Graduate icon and be promoted to New Recruit.

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