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Dear SeX Members,

We are happy to announce the following:

Our new Betting System, just in time for The World Cup!
How this works:

You will be able to use your upload credits to make wagers(or bets) on who you think will win. If you win, your winnings will be your bet x what the odds are for your choice. Example: if you bet 5GB upload on your team and the odds are 3, if your team wins you'll win 15GB upload credit(5 x 3 = 15). It's that easy! If your team losses, you lose the amount you bet from your upload so, you can not bet more upload than you have.

We will try our best to make betting available for all the big world cup matches!

Promotion System Update:
We have decided to remove the comments requirement for rank promotions. After much discussion, we felt our uploaders were not getting the proper thanks they deserve because of users spamming for promotion purposes. In addition to this, we are adding membership time requirements in place of comments. More info on this will be posted soon.

Final Update:
We are proud to announce that SeX V1.0 will be here soon!!! Sex v1.0 will include a whole new look AND trainloads of new features! We will be allowing our Conductors to be the first to see and feel the new sexiness very soon! Stay tuned for more info...

Feel to discuss and ask your questions HERE.

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