TorrentBytes Signup Open

TBY is a well established General/0Day tracker with a decent user base, great uploaders and nice staff. Started back in 2004/2005, TBy is also one of the oldest private torrent trackers around. One of the strength of TorrentBytes the huge amount of users. It has a user base of over 68000 registered members - this ensures increased seeder activity and ultimately extends the lifetime of a torrent. Popular torrents on TBy usually have more than 1000 seeders. At any given time, Tby tracks between 3000-4500 active torrents - most older individual torrents are deleted once they are integrated into packs. While Tby has great content, it’s not a high level tracker and is not hard to get into at all (another great example of why tracker levels don’t mean squat). They don’t have an invite system so the only way in is via during open signup.

Signup Link: Here

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