Inside Freshon.tv

What we have here is a beatiful piece of tracker that satisfied all needs and demands of its users.It has the best pretimes,a lot of freelech,active forum and irc,strong community,nice invite system,best staff and the list can go on forever.
Moreover any user can upload torrents without applying for uploader class.Rules, FAQ and mostly everything on the site is translated in both English and Romanian.

When you first hit the Home page you can almost feel a warm welcome from TVT.ro
I only have words of praise for Romanian probably best tracker.Almost everytime you log-in you can find new things about Freshon.tv.The big number of options and utilities given to all of the members make this tracker in strong connection with it's members.

Every skin (of the four) is incredible,very clean and easy to use.You'll never get to see any bugs in the system.I'll guarentee you that.Maybe when the staff makes some funny jokes like turning the forum upside down(literally!):).

At the moment there are Active users (702) | Record active users (1155).This trully shows the number of peoples that love this tracker.

Freshon.tv has a lot of original features like recommandations fron ther members and a complete calendar of all the TV shows.

It's easy to seed and mantain a good ratio here because of the big number of freelech torrents.Over 5k free torrents at the moment.
Another nice addition to the browse page is the possibility to select HD only torrents from the rest of the torrents.
The number of uploaded torrents/day is also good with a number of 50 on average and a record of 82.

The forum and the irc are very active,the forum offering a lot of subjects for disscussions.The current number of posts is 62,149 so you can't say a bad thing about the activity.

The rules are simple,like on every other tracker.




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