Temporary seedbox for BTN PU+

Dear BTN Power Users!

Some know me as Wall-E from when I was once an Admin @ TPS, and others have simply become friends through communities like BTN . However the social link be, I've always been dear friends with BTN's Staffer Azza pre-BTN. As a friend of the community, the SavvySeed.net Staff have decided to offer all Power Users a chance to ride our most popular seedbox ship - the Galleon - for free.

What does this mean and how will it work?

It's simple, we'll use one of our Galleon seats as a rotational seat - providing each user from the ranks of PU and up with 30 days access. Over 30 days, the seedbox seat will be the user's and after 30 days, we will rotate it to the next user in line. The line will be set in alpha order (A-Z). We'll keep a history of who has had and who is on the seat within this thread. And that's about it . For more information about the Galleon seedbox ship in particular, please visit this link.

While I was an Admin at TPS, we had much success with our free seats. So from prior experiences, we felt it would benefit the BTN PU users greatly as well! A free seedbox seat isn't all that bad .

So with that said, I'll be compiling the list of PU and will post back with the first name on the list!

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