Future changes On Bit-Hdtv

Hello Everyone,

For the last 6 months or so I was abscent, this all happened because some things in life came up and I couldn't find time for BHD.. When I came back i have noticed that most of users aren't very active, encoder groups moved from BHD and lot of complaints showed up in forum, we are thinking to change all this in near future as new site code is coming and most of the site is going to change. Well, everything is going to change.
We're going to start from scratch with very minimalistic site with basic functions and add new features as we go, depending on what will be requested most.

First is design. We will have a design contest. What we want to leave from current site is our logo, I would love to have some similar colors but if anything better will be created with different colors then why not. Please read here in more details.

We're going to open test site soon for testing, higher class users will be able to participate and help us out. We're expecting to finish basic site by the end of summer and open it for everyone. After that we are going to start adding more features.

Plus, we have some really big plans for future...

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