SyncTheBits looking for Uploaders

We are looking for members who would like to step up to the challenge and join our upload team. We have several members who upload more then 98% then the rest of the site and If we were able to create a team I think we could work together and keep fresh content flowing through the site.

If you are interested in joining this team please shoot Reese a pm from the staff page and we will add you to the team. You will have access to a special forum and IRC channel and you will receive special permissions on the site.

I know you can find alot of downloads on the net at these DDL Forums but for me personally I hate these boards.. with all their ads and redirects to sites like rapidshare or megaupload. That's why we created STB to create a community where the files are easily available via the BitTorrent Protocol. I know we still got alot of work ahead of us but we need your help.

If you cannot donate time to the site then please click the donate button at the top of the site and help us that way.


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