FLAWL3SS become HDME internal

To: All our beloved HD Fans.

Effective Monday June 6, 2010

On behalf of The FLAWL3SS Release Group we would like to inform you of the following changes to our group.

In an effort to expand our HD portion of our group FLAWL3SS will be making some changes in order for us to expand, we will be separating our HD x264 from Xvid and SD x264.

In order for us to complete the expansion of the HD portion of our group we will become HD Internal Encoders at HDME.eu for our x264 720p’s.

This is a joint venture with FRaMeSTor, one of the best 1080p encoding groups in the world as we partner up and release 720p and they release the 1080p equivalent.

All of our other content will continue to be released as we do now.

Sincerely, FLAWL3SS Release Group

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