ShareTheRemote Changes and updates

We have modified our tracker to support two new freeleech types. These are 'half-leech' and 'double upload'. Their functions are just as their names imply; when downloading half-leech torrents, only half of the data you download will be counted, and double upload torrents will award double the upload credit that you seed.
Effective Immediately: Torrents over 25GB are no longer freeleech, they are now half-leech.
Although this change may be met with some disparity, it is for the better of the site's health. Allowing so many large torrents to be freeleech was having detrimental effects on their seeder retention and the site's economy. We will be evaluating ways to counterbalance the loss of this freeleech for new users, so feel free to make suggestions!
We plan to use double upload as an incentive for people to download and seed underseeded torrents. We haven't came up with exact numbers for this yet, but we hope to have it implemented within the next few days.
Finally, due to TheTVDB's frequent downtime and decision to block embedding images from another torrent site, banners hosted on TheTVDB may no longer be used. It is still encouraged to use banners from that site, however you should first upload them to an image hosting site such as imgur.
Since we felt that the ratio brackets were not adequate for the size of torrents on this site, we've increased them by a factor of 1.5. This effectively increases the grace period for new users to 15GB. A full list of ratio requirements is available at rules.php?p=ratio.
We've rolled out another set of tracker changes that we hope you guys will enjoy.
The most notable of these changes is that users on ratio watch can now download full freeleech torrents. We hope that this will help users who find themselves on ratio watch without torrents that receive frequent traffic work their ways off of it.
To fix an oversight on my part, torrents may now be any logical combination of the three freeleech types. The main reasoning behind this change is to allow underseeded half-leech torrents to be double upload as well.
Additionally, the tracker now supports 'single user freeleech'. This feature treats every torrent as freeleech for any user who has this flag set. Although we do not know how or if this feature will be used, we decided to add it to prevent a later recompile if we decide to implement it.

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