PTN - Regarding HnRs

Increasing number of HnRs throughout the site have forced me to make an announcement of this nature, but as you will see.. I have no other alternative.

We try our best to give the first time offenders a clear pass, but its becoming increasingly difficult to do so every hour with new alerts popping up on the same accounts for multiple HnRs.
I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you about the seeding rules of the site:

Seed everything you grab for 3 days within 7 days of leeching it.

If you cannot abide by such simple rules, please refrain from leeching from the site as it only harms the swarm in the longer run and effects the torrent retentivity. Further, We have a three strikes rule at PtN. If you get warned three times, you get your account disabled with no provision of being heard on the support channel.

We as staffers hate doing such things, but it is the only way to deal with the ungrateful lot.
So, please keep the files seeding and spread the love.

That is is all for now. Ya folks have a good day.

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