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At The Staff BBQ this weekend, we had some great weather, the food was excellent, the wine flowed, and the company was great, so we were all there chatting and we got round to wondering just how can we ever improve on who is here and someone suggested some promotions, so we all went - yeh, why not, great idea, and then it was over all too quickly as everyone agreed on just who that was to be

So, if you don't read the forums much, then you might have missed this weekend that:

Muri was promoted to First Mate, and you can say gratz here Link Here (SSL)

And at the same time, we have 3 new MODs that joined our great team over the weekend, please give them all your loving here: Link Here (SSL)

They have all given a great amount of time & dedication to PtN and have helped out tremendously in various areas and have certainly enriched our experience here, and have worked very hard along the way, so please take time out to say well done and thank you, it's the least we could do in return 

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