HDME.eu rules update


Lately we have noticed several uploaders uploading torrents without proper info, screenshots, media info, descriptions, so we have updated the rules on HDME, specially the ones pertaining Uploading Rules.

Some of the changes being made to the Rules are:

- Poster, IMDB URL, Media Info, Screenshots, being made compulsory.

- Allowed codec restrictions, BRRips, BDRips not being allowed any more.

- Only Lossless music being allowed from now on.

There are several other rules been made compulsory, Please refer to the rules page Link here.

Breaking these rules in future will result in severe consequences and even disabling of users account.

We have also decided to deal with Hit and Runners in a severe manner from now on, which means you get three warning after which you shall be banned, and there will be no exceptions to this rule.

Once again we request you to read the rules very carefully.

HDME Staff.

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  1. how do i get in contact with a HDME.eu staff member as my account seems to be disabled