SeX is back!

Attention Members
Due to some unforeseen reasons, our server had a mini meltdown of sorts and our database had gotten corrupted to the point that we could not recover it. As a result of this, we are forced to roll back and use a slightly older backup than we would have liked to use and ALL accounts that were opened since 4/29 are lost. There is slightly silverish lining to this story, it appears that pretty much most of the site code was untouched. We know this comes at an awkward time as we were in the middle of open signups and moving forward from the "Beta" process. However, this is a minor set back and we will continue to move forward, we do apologize for the inconvenience. As an extra note: any torrents that you have downloaded during this time are also lost.

User Passkeys:
Although the site was down, we did take the opportunity to move forward and implement our PLANNED updated passkey system. What this means is that we've updated the code and optimized it greatly. However, due to some of the changes in the code, all passkeys had to be reset as they no longer will be valid. We have done this already on our end and ask that you update the information in your clients to reflect the new information, or they will no longer work properly.

In acknowledging that many people have made donations since 4/29, we ask that those people contact a System Engineer(or higher) with the information used when the donations were made (The date of the donation, your name, the amount donated, and possibly a screenshot if you have it). Please include as much detail as possible so we can verify and make sure you get the appropriate credits. Again we do apologize for the inconveniences. Members can find the staff list here

Once again; We are really sorry for this. We know just a simple "sorry" is far from good enough, so there will be "gifts" and lots of other fun stuff coming up soon. Also this problem will most likely never happen again in the future.

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