BTN Photo Contest

BTN photo challenge! Win a Custom Title of your choice!

Considering the recent influx of new members, BTN staff believes that we should have a light-hearted contest. Want a quick and easy (and fun!) way to earn a Custom Title of your choice? Just follow these simple steps!

Steps to participate

1. Write the following somewhere on your body (x-rated areas preferred! ):

"BTN is one of the most innovative and feature-rich trackers that is soon to become the best TV tracker on the net, and oh yeah -- [insert favorite BTN member name here] is absolutely awesome!"

2. Upload a photo of your work to this thread

3. your request for a Custom Title.

This contest was inspired by a recent article on FSF. We would also like to increase the love between members by having you guys display your favorite BTN members!

This photo challenge ends Monday, May 17th at 9:00pm GMT.

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