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Neptoon is actually a re-incarnation of FoxKids and is a heaven for folks who love classic cartoons made in the golden age of American cartoon series and for those who love season packs and obscure toons. A wide range of selection of cartoons is being tracked by Neptoons, ranging from animations made in the 1950s to the late 2000s.

Userclasses are promotion system at Neptoon's is very refined and well organized and is highly encouraging, and encourages users to bring more activity, for example Neptoon has certain torrents with download rights reserved to a certain Userclass such in order to download a "toonstar" torrent you should have to be at toonstar userclass level.

Speeds are just moderate, as most of the torrents have less then 5 seeders also without presence of a seedbox in the swarm however whenever new torrents are introduced you may notice an increase in the overall swarm speed.

Signup Link: Here

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