GFT and Paypal

I am sorry to say but we have some bad news. I hope it did not have to come to this, but it has to for the survival of GFT. As you all might know, many sites are having problems with Paypal. We are also having the same problem. As you all may or may not know, we ban traders on sight even if they are donors, so many traders end up putting a dispute in Paypal. To avoid problems, we refund them. But due to an overwhelming amount of disputes even if we refund them, it caught Paypal's eyes, and they are doing their "investigation" and restricted the account which who knows how long it will last.

On top of that we have had very few donations these past few months, and have barely been able to stay alive. But this Paypal issue has added more problems. If anyone did not know, we have a running cost of about 550 Euros with VAT added. We have not touched that amount last few months and some of our staff had to cover the differences, but unfortunately they cannot do that every month.

GFT has been online for about 5-6 years in it's past (ED2K) and current (Torrents) form, lasting longer than most torrent sites nowdays. I really wish we can hang around till 2012 atleast (End of the world!!!) :p It eventually comes down to you members to decide whether we survive or not. And I hope you want to see GFT last a few more years atleast by donating. If each member on the site donates even €1, it will easily last us 6 months, and the minimum of €5 will last us 3 years.

It has been a pleasure to be with GFT for this long, and well if we do end up not surviving, it has been a blast. Thanks to all the members and staff, past and new for making GFT an incredible place to hangout.

BarryWhite and the Crew

P.S: For people who are donating, if possible please send it to us as a "Gift/Others" option in Paypal to this email "donations.gft@gmail.com". It can be found under personal payments under the "Send Money" tab. This saves us a lot in Paypal fees. If this is not possible, click the usual donate link on site.

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