Libble - new domain

As you may have noticed we've moved to our new home at Libble.me! Unfortunately this was forced upon us due to issues with our old hosts. However this means we've been able to move to a faster, more reliable server!

One downside of this move is that we have to change our tracker url. This means you'll have to update your torrents to use this new tracker url. We've been working on some guides to make this process easier, available here. We'll be trying to add as many as possible to cover every torrent client and make things easy for you. Don't get into too much of a panic though, as we're running both trackers in parallel for the time being so you'll have at least two weeks until you might start having issues with the old tracker.

In addition to this move we've got a new batch of features in, courtesy of keepahold! We have a new community XP system which gives you the recognition you deserve for contributions to the libble community with badges! More info on this coming soon, in the meantime you can check your progress by checking out your profile page.

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