bitGAMER is now on Steam!

As many of you already know, Steam is an computer gaming platform which allows players to purchase, download, and immediately play games. Other features include fast and free automatic game updates, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, awesome package and weekend sales, and, now, a bitGAMER Community! With so many cool features, we're sure you'll want to come hang out with us there.

How will the bitGAMER group will be different from any other? Well, first of all it will be run by your friendly bitGAMER Staff. That means it will be a group run by bitGAMERs for bitGAMERs, with events for the most popular games, such as Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor, Counter Strike: Source, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and many more! We will also run regular competitions and even give out free games and other prizes!

We would like to thank drvoke, TheColdOne, and hexik0 for their help in establishing a bitGAMER footprint on Steam and gauging interest by creating a group with over 150 members from the bitGAMER community. We would like to invite all of you from the old unofficial group to move over to the new group as well. We are looking forward to seeing you all in-game!

To get an invite to the group: Simply send a friend request to INVITERBOT.

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