IPT - Modified Torrent Clients

Dear Users

Recently we are seeing more and more instances of 'suspect' information sent to our tracker.
We believe this is due to an increased usage of modified torrent clients.

These modified clients have been changed with the specific intention of sending false information to trackers in an attempt to inflate the upload amount recorded and increase the users ratio.
Whilst it is possible to use these modified clients without cheating, the fact that you have a modified client means you have the ability to cheat should you so choose.

We have updated our 'Anti Cheater' routines to identify all instances of modifed client useage.

Any user found to be using a modified torrent client will have their account suspended without notice.

We highly recommend if you have any doubt about the authenticity of your torrent client you cease all seeding / leeching until you have verified you are not using a modified client.
Please download an approved version from the links on the IPT Home Page

Once your account is disabled for cheating, we will not enter into discussion about how our routines are wrong, once disabled it is permanent.

IPT Staff

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