Happy Birthday PreToMe!

Yes, it's been 2 years already since we started this website!

On may 16th 2008 PreToMe saw it's first light. Now, 2 years later we are still going strong, and the only reason we are is because of you baptista!

To thank all of our users for sticking with us and supporting us, there's a few things happening today:

Free invites!
Everybody has received 3 invites for this special day. For those of you who are Probies, you will have to earn those invites though as you can't use them until you get out of Probie status

Double seeding credits
From now until Sunday may 23rd 00:00 GMT you will receive double seeding credits. The way those credits are rewarded stays the same, you just get double the amount!

Double IRC credits
Because we appreciate all the users who hang out on IRC, we're doubling the amount of credits you earn for being on IRC. From now until Sunday may 30th 00:00 GMT, being on IRC will earn you 2 credits per hour.
That's a total of 336 credits you can earn just by being on IRC!

Donation Raffle
Later today we will post more about this, but we will be doing a raffle you can enter by donating to our site! For every $10 you donate you will get 1 raffle entry. The more entries you get, the higher the chance you will win!
There will be nice prizes to win for first, second and third place!

Thank you all again for supporting us and have a nice birthday!

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