CE - Site Updates

We are continually trying to improve and expand on CoExist. With this in mind, you'll notice a few tweaks to the site!

  • All themes have been updated with a display of CE Radio at the top of the site with the current Artist, Song, Bitrate, Listeners and a little listen link. Feel free to click it and check out what's playing. If you'd like to talk radio, stop by the #ce.radio channel. Interested in helping the radio? Stop by #ce.radio and talk to tdurden. Interested in...nvm, just join #ce.radio. Also drop by the new Radio Forum.

  • The radio information at the top of each page can now be used to search for whats playing right now. Clicking on the artist name will search the site for torrents from the currently playing artist. Clicking the song title will search last.fm for the song thats currently playing.

  • You'll also notice some changes to the torrent browse page. It still needs a little tweak here and there, but for the most part is pretty snazzy *hats off to vdubg*. The download and bookmark images have been moved under the torrent name, and the seeder and leecher columns have been combined to one. This frees up some space and makes things look quite a bit cleaner. Pinned torrents are highlighted a different color for each theme (they'll be the torrents with a different background color, and at the top of the torrent list).

  • Mehcetylene has been running random trivia questions in #CoExisT on IRC and is giving away fame points for those who answer correctly. Stop by and get some!

    Just a few reminders: Don't forget to stop by The Studio Forum and check out the Album Reviews page (it's the little green icon in the upper right) to check out new music. If you'd like to lessen the strength of Sativa's headaches, feel free to donate as well. This site wouldn't exist without you guys and we appreciate every donation given to the community to pay the cost of running this site. Also all new torrents are announced on IRC in the channel #ce.announce, feel free to join if you'd like up-to-the-second updates on when new torrents hit CE. And last but not least, random games of MARCO-POLO are still going on in #CoExisT. A staffer yells, "MARCO" and the first to respond with, "POLO" gets 10k in fame. Ez fame, fun for everyone.

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