BTN - Season Packs

As the TV season draws to a conclusion and users upload season packs of their favorite TV show, here are some instructions to ensure the transition from individual episodes to season packs goes as smoothly as possible:

- Pick a sensible folder name for your season pack. At a minimum, the folder name should contain the name of the show, season number, the source, and the format. For most encodes, following the scene naming conventions works perfectly, and follows closely with the naming convention used for the individual episode releases:
Existing season packs should not be reported for not following this naming rule, unless they don't contain at least the show name and the season number.

- Make sure the video files are named correctly. Episode video files should be named exactly as they come in the original releases. Nuked releases should not be used - grab the repack or proper instead. This makes it easiest for users to reseed their individual episodes as a season pack.

- Once you have successfully uploaded your season pack, please report the last episode of the season with the reason: Uploaded Season Pack and provide a link to your upload. You do not need to report every episode, just the last one.

- Individual episodes of a season will be deleted 7 days after airing or when a season pack in the same format is uploaded, whichever happens last.

If you find any releases not meeting these rules, please report the torrent and we will take appropriate action.

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