What's HOT, what's NOT - Week 1

What's Hot?

Launching of new scene tracker: The X

Start of The X tracker, lauched by old ScL staff was become a big success. Tracker brings awesome qualisty: lots of content, amazing speeds, awesome traffic on torrents and very active community. HOT!


SKIDROW claims to have cracked the protection and if what’s said in the NFO is correct, they are not using an emulation method at all. HOT!

GFT invites on IRC

A pleasant surprise for all BitTorrent fans from GFT Staff. They recruit more fresh blood for GFT. Keep the good work. GFT need more active users to keep their quality. HOT!

New ratio policy on What.cd

Now that you're all buffered up, we have another piece of news - we will no longer be disabling accounts for low ratio. Instead, if you are unable to get your ratio above your required ratio after two weeks of ratio watch, your leeching privileges will be revoked until your ratio is above the 0% seeded requirement for your downloaded amount. Your leeching privileges will be automatically given back when that requirement is met.
We will, however, continue to automatically disable accounts which download over 10GB while on ratio watch. HOT!

 What's Not?

Controversion about PTP

Sorry to make this sound like a joke by the title but I’m hoping it got your attention. Many know me as Azazel and I used to staff at PassThePopcorn(PTP) and obviously use the name Azazel on countless other places as well. Tonight there was a little skype conference between the PTP sysops and I joined in to chat, joke, help or w/e. In this chat is myself, exodussquared(ptp sysop), Jeremy(ptp sysop name of z or jerrcs, jon(ptp developer and rl friend of Jeremy) and spektormax(ptp founder/sysop).
Not much was happening because they were talking via skype call and I was just typing as it’s late at night for me. Spektormax was posting random 4chan pics, some porn, some weird crap, typical 4chan stuff. Then he started posting 510chan links which I assumed was just like 4chan. Like the idiot I am I clicked the first 2 510chan links just to see child porn on my screen. I stopped clicking after that and started Pming the other ptp sysops about wtf was going on. I was disgusted obviously and left. I quit ptp irc and join another trackers irc. Anyway, here is a pic of the skype chat. These links ARE child porn and I beg you all not to type in the url.
I am posting this here because I am disgusted and beyond caring at the moment. This bastard deserves to be shot and it’s completely within PTP’s sysops hands to at the very least report him to the feds but instead they continued to chat with him like it’s no big deal. PTP obviously knows where he lives as he’s friends with some of the sysops in real life and yet they do nothing.
Anyway, think of this what you will but something needs to be done about this.
 HDChina problems

Full story: Here

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