HDChina problems

HDC recently there have been some unhappy things, some managers and team staff (including the WIKI) chose to leave, we respect their choice, while certainly in the past efforts and to pay, HDC HDC several working groups since the establishment of guidelines proud part of that, many works are also widely disseminated, so that more experience and understanding of high-definition HD enthusiasts.

For whatever reason, the incident also reflects the HDC management problems, I am with other sysop Because the reality of work and life conflicts, some degree of participation in the affairs of the HDC's not enough, but we are the greatest measure of the Working Group support and encouragement. HDC team members as not only to work enthusiasm, hardware and technology, a lot of work is done by many managers and staff, as well as many ordinary members of the hard work and quiet dedication, HDC has the impact of today, inside and outside the station we are very grateful All managers and staff and the general membership of the HDC's pay and HDC love.

HDC came a glorious past, glory is the passion and commitment needed, but the reality is cruel, even though a better tomorrow, but history is full of ups and downs, the road ahead will be destined to create an uneven extraordinary future. I am convinced that as long as they work together to crack HDC, will be able to create a brilliant tomorrow. HDC is currently a non-commercial organization itself, the process of development in the business of trying to promote, test Yiding have to pay, Fuchu means Touru can be convinced, HDChina continue Nulidajia resources and provide a platform for exchange of high-definition, while Zhu Jian implementation of standardized management of ideas, although members and management are currently the main form of exchange is virtual commune, but the HDC will evolve in line for more activities, including activities around the theme of HD, HDC will follow the formal business idea to pursue this goal first leg of high-definition.

HDC is an inclusive definition resource platform, the station also welcomed the work of other groups or individuals to the HDC release resources, and also welcomes people of insight talented people in various quarters to join, HDC is the general membership to continue to recruit management talent, the original disc publishing group, original tablet group, 0day release groups and release all resources group, can be directly related to points inside or outside the station directly hdman.

Let us work together to build the future of HDC ... ...

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