How to fix download stuck at 99%

There are two possibles reasons for stopping download at 99%

First Reason

While Creating a torrent in Windows XP an addition files is added to your torrent called "Thumbs.db" this is cause a problem with the leachers get stuck at 99%

The Solution is either delete the Thumbs.db file in the folder or disable the features in Windows XP

by Default Windows XP as a built in feature called thumbnail option. Let See how to disable the feature.

So Here is ways to disable and removed thumbnails in Widows XP

In Explorer Go to Tools > Folder Options > Click View Tab > tick "Do not cache thumbnails" and [click OK
or click “Apply to All Folders” (to make the change systemwide)]


Click on "Control Panel" from the Start Menu
Click on "Folder Options" in the Control Panel
Click the view tab
Tick the "Do Not Cache thumbnails" box and then click OK


To Disable thumbnail view in Windows XP Professional

Click Start > Run and type "gpedit.msc" and click O to run Windows Group Polic
Under User User Configuration > Administrative Template > Windows Components >Windows Explorer
In Right Panel find the “Turn off caching of thumbnail pictures” and right click select properties
In the dialog box select "Enable" and click OK

Now Remove the thumbs.db files from your system

Click on Start
Click on Search
Click on All Files and Folders
Type the following in the section called “all or part of the file name”
In the Look in box, make sure Local Hard Drives is chosen
Click Search
A long list of thumbs.db files should appear, click on Edit, Select All
Click on File, and choose Delete
Close the Search Results window

Second Reason

There is another possible to cause download stuck at 99%

This is been happen some times in different clients n trackers, This is usually result from NAT routers that are replacing legitimate data into packets, when the packet fails to hash check because the router scramble it. Then the client reject the request and ask for the data again.

These are some ways of fixing the problem

1 Do not run your router in DMZ mode

2 If your router a Game mode option, Turn it OFF

3 Try connecting directly to the internet direct, bypassing your NAT router entirely to finish the last piece

4 Update the firmware if your modem or router freezes or reboots

5 Disable IP resolving and DHT and reduce the number connections

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