Happy Birthday SceneHD! Freeleech enable!

Free leech is now enabled for 3 days! The free leech ends this Saturday 00.00 AM (GMT+1)

Lets get this party started!

SceneHD is today (14/4) celebrating THREE years in the torrentworld and is now a highly respected tracker. The peak of peers sets new records everyday. For 6 months ago we had around 30.000-35.000 peers. Today we are on our way reaching 60.000 peers. With 7500 active HD torrents that's quite good if you take in consideration that the SceneHD user database is just around 7300 users.

Staff would like to throw out a HUGE thank you to all members, VIP's and uploaders for making this site what it is today. Without you there would be no SceneHD.

Happy fucking birthday SceneHD!

About SceneHD:

SceneHD tracks scene only HD content. It's well established tracker. Almost every HD scene release is uploaded with fairly good pretimes, lot's of movie/tv packs and a great archive. Great speeds on torrents thanks to Swedish and seedbox owners. It is a great tracker with lots of content, a nice userbase and great staff. Simply awesome. If you get the chance you need to get in this tracker.

Status: Invite only tracker

Heads up!

Soon Inside SceneHD here on InsideBT

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