TOP100 Most Requested Invites 2013 Edition


Several placements on forums No Movement List - some trackers are placed on forums NML so users can't request those invites.
(+) - going up compared to last year
(-) - going down compared to last year
(New) - new tracker on the list

1. CHDBits (+1)
 CHDbits also known as " Classic High Definition Private Tracker" is one of the bigges and active tracker in China. CHDbits is very well known for their internal HD recordind/enconding teams.
***Request for CHD are still popular and this year this is most requested tracker in 2013
2. PassThePopcorn (+20)
 PTP is one of the biggest movie trackers. It is ratio based, however keeping up a good ratio is not very hard, you just have to pace yourself and don't download too much in the beginning. There are plenty of freeleech torrents to help out if you dug yourself into a hole.
***Biggest surprise in this year! PTP invites are now hard to find so number of request grow up this year.

3. FTN (-2)
 One of the best if not the best Private Tracker around. The content is amazing and they have some super dedicated uploaders to bring you all of the content with lightening speed. Even though the Pre-Times are not considered to be amoung the best out there it is the dedication of the Staff, Uploaders and Community to be the best which makes this Private Tracker so good.
***Dropped from No.1 FTN invites are more easy to find so number of request go down this year. Several placement on forums No Movement List.
4. DeepBase9 (+5)
 Tracker mainly specialize in the music style of Drum'n'Bass. Also a lot of Bass, House and Techno.
***DB9 is still one of the most requested music tracker.  

5. SceneHD (-1)
SceneHD is a very good HD tracker, has lots of rare stuff of course all HD and Scene only. Its more than a tracker we can call it a community.
***Invites are still hard to find for SHD but lots of users request for invite to SHD. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

6. (+1)
Being one of the greatest HD tracker in the bittorrent world,HDBits holds a lot of contents and surprises for its users.It has by far the largest number of internal encoders,release qualities are awesome and pretimes for scene releases are also very good. 
*** Invites are closed for a long time now but still users request for HDBits. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

7. BitMe (-1)
BitMe is an E-Learning tracker contains E-learning,Training,Instructional videos,instructional e-books or audiobooks,(technical, self-help, etc.)e-novels, documentaries (including documentaries from PBS, BBC, and Discovery), college lectures/courses, design plugins, web design templates, stock photos/images/fonts, multimedia production volumes/models. A place where you can find any e-learning you want. 
***Still most requested e-learning tracker.  Several placement on forums No Movement List.

8. HD-Spain (-2)
This tracker has been around for 4 years now, and it is one of the biggest HD Spanish movie trackers out there.
*** Dropped 2 but still one of the most requested HD tracker. 

9. BTN (+6)
BTN Is A World TOP Ratio-less TV Tracker With Large Content 'n Good Speeds 'n Good Pretimes With Gazelle Code Based Site. 
***BTN invites are rare this time and requests are growing. Several placement on forums No Movement List.
10. HDWing (-7)
HDW (former HDChina) is a chinese trackers which encodes a lot of tv shows and movies. They have many a lot different encoding teams for different catalogs of TV shows and movies.
***Due a long downtime numer of requests dropped for good.  

11. Pedro's (+1)
If you love high quality music, Pedro's BTMusic is the place to be. It's considering as the king among the lossless music trackers. Their quality standards are the highest possible, that's why this tracker is so special. 
***Pedro's invites are still hard to find and still users are requesting them a lot. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

12. What.CD (+7)
 Founded in October of 2007, What.CD is a private BitTorrent tracker focusing largely on music. With its fast download speeds, well-seeded torrents, and wide selection of music files encoded in such lossless formats as FLAC, in addition to such lossy formats as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and AC3, What.CD is a music-lover's paradise. For the true audiophile, What.CD offers FLAC 24-bit/96 kHz vinyl, SACD, DVD-Audio, and multi-channel DTS rips. Furthermore, What.CD offers eLearning videos, eBooks, comic books, software, and audio books. 
***What invites are forbidden in public but still users request for them on private and hidden forums. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

13. hey.fux0r (+1)
Fux0r is a XXX tracker running on a gazelle. With a wide selection of categories. There are lots of freeleech which makes building a good ratio fairly easy. This tracker makes a great addition to any porn collection.
***fux0r is still most requested pr0n tracker

14. PTN (-3)
PTN is a ratioless movie tracker. It tracks less movies compared to PTP , but if you're just looking for the latest releases PTN is great and you can download all you want right from the start.
***Invites are still very popular among users. 

15. x264 (+2)
This is an incredible movies and TV tracker with an abundance of quality content, awesome hard working internal encoders, many long-term seeders, an active forum, and much more.
***X264 forbbid public invites giveaway and request but they also made a single exeption so you can find lots of request out there. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

16. FSC (-8)
FSC is a different tracker when talking about community. Invitations are rare and the tracker always tries to remain anonymous. There is hardly information about this tracker on the Internet.
***Requests for FSC dropped rapidly in this year. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

17. SCC (+3)
One of the most wanted, well organized, well managed, well secured, well designed trackers in the BT world. Site is full of rich contents. This is one of things that users get attached to the tracker. Huge freeleech packs, single episodes in different formats, various kind of releases etc.
***SCC invites are very popular and you can find lots of request for this great general tracker. 

18. GGn (+20)
GGn spawned to become the most up-to-date and organised games tracker on the "scene" and the ONLY Gazelle based general games tracker.
***After closing of BG and UG, GazelleGames become most requested games tracker this year!

19. Music-Vids (-6)
Music-Vid is the best torrent tracker in the world for music videos. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

20. PixelHD (+42)
Private Torrent Tracker for HD .MP4 MOVIES / TV. PixelHD is the internal tracker for multiple internal release groups
***Going up strong, one of most popular HD tracker in 2013

21. CosaNostra (-5)
A excellent movies tracker with lots of content and very nice and unique design. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

22. RevolutionTT (-4)
RevTT is a general 0day tracker with reasonable but not great pre times. The format is is clear and concise and easy to navigate.

23. CartoonChaos (-2)
CartoonChaos is a very good tracker for cartoons.The content is amazing, you can find old and new cartoons, and the speeds are also good.

24. Sinderella/Gnoms (-14)
Korean tracker, one of the best pr0n tracker out there, tracking mainly jav content. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

25. Exigo (+20)
One of the oldest FLAC music tracker. Hard to find invites but peoples still requesting this tracker a lot. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

26. nCore (-2)
nCore is one of the largest Hungarian Tracker,it tracks a large amount of torrents(movies,tv-shows,music,apps,xxx).The tracker is ratioless only upload counts.The content is great,the speeds and preetimes are good.

27. GFT (-1)
One of the most popular general/0day tracker with great pre times and all scene content plus amazing pack in gem categorie.

28. Saerome (New)
 Not many heared about saerome, but who does he knows it is like for korean people. That is kinda true if we wont compare the torrents number. Saerome use the same source, gazelle and ofcourse it is based on music content.
29. jPopsuki (+2)
Jpopsuki is a gazelle based music trackers that has been around for 6 years. It is Considered as the best tracker for jpop (Japanese pop) music.

30. Brokenstones (+2)
Still most popular iOS tracker.

31. Waffles (+2)
At Waffles : the main content that can be found is All types of Music. But other stuff can be found such as Apps for both Windows, Mac and Linux. Audiobooks, E-books and of course E-learning Videos can be found there too.
The main format everybody is looking for is V0, a lossy format, that is not a very large size, but still has some quality. For the people that like HQ music, you should know that Waffles is the best. Plenty of FLAC can be found on Waffles, but the tracker has a special category for the best of the best. It's called The Waffle Iron.

32. TranceTraffic (-7)
TranceTraffic Is Private Music Tracker Specialised For EDM (Electro Dance Music) 'n Trance Music Like Techno, Hardcore, Electronic, Hardstyle n More.

33. DVDSeed (New)
DVDSeed is the best polish dvd tracker. Content is amazing, there are full of DVD films, BluRay films, HDTV nad more. Most of them include polish language, but the newest have original language. 

34. BitHumen (+8)
Bithumen is a Hungarian tracker that has Hungarian and English content too. Great download speed,, Pre Times many contents, packs and many peers.
35. Chorome (New)
This is huge korean tracker for general content.

36. NorBits (+3)
Norbits it's an Norwegian tracker but with almost all English content, there you will find many exclusives with reasonable pretime and great speeds. Several placement on forums No Movement List.

37. Beathau5 (New)
BeatHau5 is a unique private tracker with a ton of great content that covers the huge range of Electronic Music. Also, it sports a great feature set that makes sharing and finding new music an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the community and staff are one-of-a-kind, which makes the whole experience all the better. If you are a fan of the Electronic Genre, I highly recommend joining BeatHau5 to become part of something special.

38. UHDBits (New)
UHDBits is a great hd tracker alternative for beginers to other major hd trackers like HDB, CHD or HDW. This new vietnamese bitorrent hd tracker is the home of TayTo RG and here you'll also find great encodes from groups at HDBits. 

39. HD-Torrents (-12)
HD-Torrents Is One Of Most Popular Sites For HD Releases, Home To Multiple Internal-Release Groups. 

40. BlackCatsGames (+22)
 BCG is biggest games related content tracker.

41. HDME (-11)
Very good and popular tracker with HD content.
42. OpenCD (+21)
Very popular chinese music tracker.

43. TehConnection (+10)
 Very good tracker dedicated to movies only.

44. SDBits (+2)
SDBits is officially the younger brother of the Great HDBits. specialized in X264 encodes and DVDs with small content and fair speed

45. Bit-HDTV (-5)
Bit-hdtv is a HD tracker with 63,000+ torrents of movies, tv-shows, anime, sports, documentaries and XXX.

46. TorrentLeech (+1)
 One of the biggest general/0day tracker.

47. FileList (+23)
Biggest romanian tracker for general/0day content.

48. KlatBit / Frolik (New)
Huge korean tracker for general content with good selection of korean tv-series.

49. PolishTracker (-1)
 Biggest and best polish tracker for general/0day content with own encoder groups.

50. BitMeTV (+2)
One of the oldest and biggest TVseries tracker out there.

51. China-HDTV (New)
Chinese tracker for general content.

52. TS-Tracker (New)
Most popular german tracker for general content.

53. BitVault (+15)
Tracker for general/0day content.

54. deLLuge (New)
dLL is hidden tracker made as alternative to EOTI members for torrents.

55. CGPeers (New)
 CGPeers is fantastic Graphics/ Design Tracker, it is the best tracker specialized in Graphics and Design, it is very helpful for all people using cinema 4D ,3Dmax , autocad, photoshop also provides tutorials, plugins, materials & models .

56. Karagarga (+10)
If you want a tracker with older media content, classic film industry, foreign, alternative, indie, rare, art and non-mainstream productions the Karagarga is best tracker for you!

57. RFM (New)
RFM Is Biggest & Most Popular Motorsports Tracker. Currently They Tracks All Type Of Races Like F1, MotoGP, American Open Wheelers, Rallys, Racing Documentries n More.

58. (+36)
Deli gives users their own place to gather and share food recipes, most of them as ebooks/pdf’s, movies related to gastronomy and even a forum where they can exchange cuisine secrets, post their views, discuss about the benefits or detriments of some foods and generally chat about cooking-related issues.  

59. TTG (-23)
TTG is chinese tracker for general content with lots of HD movies and games.

60. LzTR (-37)
LzTr.Us Is Considered As The Elite Source Of Music . The Tracker's Is Based On The Official Sound Tracks Of Many Movies , etc. This Tracker Have Great Content Of Musical Releases , Especially OST Releases .

61. TorrentTech (-14)
TorrenTech is a electronic music torrent tracker, a forum and radio focused only
on quality electronic music.It is very well organized, they have netlabel, radiosets, schedule.

62. TheMyth (+2)
Big korean tracker for everything like ebooks, movies, games etc.

63. TranceRoute (-12)
TranceRoute is a music tracker focused on trance and electronic music releases.

64. TheVault (-10) is the best tracker for BUSINESS E-Learning content. You will find many updated and quality content related to business such as marketing, accounting, economics, finance, management etc.

65. HDVNBits (0)
Viet tracker dedicated to everything related to HD content.

66. Cinematik (New)
TiK tracking anything related to old movies.

67. TheOccult (+22)
TheOccult Specializes In Torrents Related To Various Cults, Mythology, Scientology, Ways Of Living, Religions, Healing

68. WiHD (New)
 WiHD (world-in-hd) is the best french high definition tracker.Movies content is mostly in french and english.

69. XWT (New)
 XWT is an Old tracker specialized in Wrestling with its diffirent Categories.

70. IPT (+1)
IPT is one of the most popular general tracker out there.

71. 3DTorrents (-13)
If you have 3d TV you need to gain access to 3dtorrents as they tracks movies in 3d only.

72. iTS (-43)
Ratioless tracker with movies in different format like AFR or BD/BRrip.

73. BeyondHD (New)
BeyondHD (BHD) is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV . BeyondHD is the internal tracker for multiple internal release groups

74. HDCorea ( +9)
HDCorea is has huge amount of both foreign (English) and Korean content. HDCorea also has adult category. Now what this tracker is famous for is its speeds. Mostly all of the users on this tracker use High speed seedboxes so speeds are lightning fast on new torrents.

75. PolishSource (New)
 PolishSource is one of the best polish site with many internal relases,good speeds and pretimes.

76. MyAnonamouse (-39)
MyAnonaMouse is Elearning Ratio-Based Tracker which specialized at E-Books, Audio Books & Musicology 

77. BitHQ (+10)
 BitHQ is a fabulous tracker for movies. It has a lot of foreign movies and has many great features like a Gamehall (for extreme users and up only) and a bank. The dealership lets you buy ratio, invites, and a custom title using bitz. You can also send bitz to other users if you are a power user and there is a lottery where you can gamble your bitz to win even more bitz.

78. AnimeBytes (+10)
Animebytes as the name implies is an anime tracker, however they track manga and visual novels as well. They also have a large selection of J-Pop from every kind of music genre imaginable.

79. Sparvar (-19) Is A Swedish Great General (DVD & BD) Torrent Tracker. After The Shutdown Of SweDVDr Several New Trackers Emerged But Sparvar Is The Most Successful Of Them.

80. iPlay (+2)
iPlay is big romanian tracker for general/0day content.

81. HDRoad (-4)
 HDRoad is a China based private tracker that specializes in HD content. It has all sorts of HD content including Blu Ray movies, HDTV shows, TrueHD encodes, etc.

82. Clover (New) 
Clover is one of the Korean private tracker, this tracker like others Korean tracker, strictly and highly anonymous. This tracker serve same content with Chorome and Frolik, but they are more focused on the TV-Series the most.
Several placement on forums No Movement List.

83. Blu-Bits (New)
B-B is dedicated tracker to movies in different HD formats.

84. HDSky (New)
 HDSky formerly known as HDStar trackes everything related to HD content.

85. HDCmtC (New)
Chinese tracker for tv movies and series in different HDTV formats.

86. Cinemageddon (-12)
The cinemageddon community prides itself on being the best Cult, Trash, Schlock, Cheese, Vintage Porn, Extreme Gore, Uber Low-Budget (we're talking movies made with cheap digital cameras and edited on windows movie maker here...) and B-Movie tracker on the net!

87. StellarWinds (New)
Stellarwinds is the new Supertorrents reborn site.With a fair number of freeleech torrents, ratio is easy to maintain.The content is a mixture between scene/p2p releases.The speeds are great, most users have seedboxes.

88. HQSource (New)
HQS is polish based tracker dedicated to movies in bd/brrip format.

89. Tsibato (New)
 Tsibato is a big foreign (Greek) tracker with almost 19.000 active torrents and a wide variety in categories.

90. Bookys (New)
Bookys is a ratio based, non-fiction private eBook tracker. At Bookys you will find magazines, comics and more.

91. PlanetQ (New)
 PlanetQ is a great spanish DVD/HD  tracker.

92. Quorks (New)
 Quorks is german ratioless general/0day tracker and you will also find English content.

93. BD25 (New)
BD25 tracks movies in BD25-9 and 5.

94. Secret-Cinema (New)
 Secret-Cinema is a good tracker were you can find old/rare/obscure movies.

95. VideoSeed (New)
VideoSeed is a Tracker specialised in IPod Movies and TV-Shows It has very good download speeds.

96. TorrentHR (-37)
TorrentHR is a General Ratioless Croatian Tracker with good Pretime, fair speed & content.

97. Zamunda (New) (ZMA) is the biggest bulgarian torrent tracker. It's not a specialized tracker, so you can find whatever you want.

98. FunFile (New)
FunFile is a nice ratio/bonus based general tracker with fair pretime,speed & content

99. ExDesi (New)
ExD is a Tracker specialised in Desi Movies,TV-Shows and Dubbed Movies It has very good download speeds and alot content without ratio its the Home of ExD Groups.

100. BaconBits (-25)
BaconBits (BB) iis a casual and a very friendly tracker. It consists mainly of the Reddit community where they also perform most of their recruitments. The best thing about it are the people surrounding it. They have an active forum and IRC channel as well as a Mumble voice chat server.


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