Pedro's Christmas Amnesty 2014

Overwhelmed with Christmas cheer and positivity we are hereby announcing our annual amnesty.
Send an amnesty request email to xbtmusic.amnesty(at)gmail.com. You need to include your
nickname in the message title. We will unban you if and only if:

[~]  You were not banned manually by a staff member (for whatever reason)
[~]  You did not join during an open signup
[~]  You were not auto banned for your ratio (or if your ratio is not lower than 0.75)
[~]  You are not from a blacklisted country or you did not join illegally (e.g. over a proxy)
[~]  Your account is older than 6 months (counting from this December).

We are looking forward to unban anybody not covered by the said conditions, yet, in any case,
we reserve the right to ignore your request at our discretion.

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