Zamunda online again for users outside Bulgaria

Zamunda is the biggest bulgarian torrent tracker. It's not a specialized tracker, so you can find whatever you want. It's with closed signups and no invite system. The good news is that the signups become open from time to time when some of the users are banned. Don't be afraid if you don't know bulgarian - the site has English translation and also a small part of the forum is dedicated to foreign users. In two words - the tracker is very friendly to all users.

Since the tracker is originally planned to be for Bulgarian users, you have to set your language to English after you register. You can do so by clicking the English flag next to your username in the top left corner.
Note: All the comments on the torrents are written in Bulgarian, so you will probably not understand them, but if you want to ask something, you can always drop a comment in English or write in the international forums/ you will surely be answered/

If your ratio is under .30 you must seed all the torrents you download for at least 30 mins after downloading them or you will be warned/ 3 warnings = ban/.

Go and register for Zamunda here

If above link don't work try this link here


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