PixelHD massive data loss

Recently PixelHD have hardware failure and loss lots of data, apply a one-year backup:

This is very important, if you are a member here you need to read this, if not, you might not have an account. We had to restore our database back to an earlier version, by earlier we mean over a year ago. There is a substantial amount of data loss. This includes users, while most of our backups were corrupted we can still access some of that information, but to parse it and add it all manually back into the database would take ages.

So this is what we are going to do, if you come to the login screen and you try to login and it won't let you, chances are, your account does not exist anymore.YOU WILL NEED TO REAPPLY, when you reapply you will need to use the SAME USERNAME AND EMAILyou used when you originally signed up. We are going to add a check box to the application to state that you were an existing member. We can search our corrupted database for usernames and emails, so we can verify you.

We've been down for about a week now, and we are looking at a couple more days of downtime, there is a lot of behind the scenes work to be done regarding the site and trying to get information back in place, we appreciate your patience and support during this time and we look forward to see you all back on site again.

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